Short CV

Jonas Johansen (b. 1962).
Danish drummer, composer and bandleader.
Crazy about music and rhythms from all over the world, i.e. the three Americas, Spain, India, Africa, Turkey, the Balkan and Scandinavia.
Played with DanishRadio Big Band 1990 –1999, NHØP trio with Ulf Wakenius 1996 – 2005, and with stars like Enrico Pieranunzi, Eliane Elias, Marc Johnson, Steve Swallow, Mike Stern, Renee Rosnes, Egberto Gismonti, Toninho Horta, Airto Moreira, John Taylor, McCoy Tyner, John Scofield, Joe Henderson, Vince Mendoza, Tom Harrell, Jon Balke, Niels Lan Doky and Chris Minh Doky.
Frequently used Big Band drummer with experience from a.o. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Norbotten Big Band, WDR Big Band (Köln) and HR Big Band (Frankfurt).
Jonas is also an active bandleader in groups like MOVE, Blanco y Negro, Tin Pan Aliens with Steve Swallow, Divisions Trio feat. Lars Møller and Ronan Guilfoyle, new group CharmCatcher, and NYRE Trio with improv artist Jørgen Teller and tuba player Kristian Tangvik.
Plays on more than 175 CD’s, of these 13 under his own name.

Portrait movie

Portræt af en Christianshavner

- Jonas Johansen

Produced by:

Andreas Sveistrup
Maria Bisgaard
and Cornelius Qvist
for Christianhavns Kvarter



Plays with Aurélio Raposo, Helle Henning, Steen Rasmussen, Magnus Thuelund, Leopoldo Fleming, Arthur Tuznik and Nicolai Munch-Hansen. Plays percussion with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra at grand opening of Cultural Capital of Europe 2017, in Aarhus DK and Paphos, Cyprus. Plays with Chris Minh Doky in DK, Stuttgart and München. Records with Nyre Trio and a new album with Steen Rasmussen. Plays Warsaw, Poland with Maciej Kadziela Quintet, plays full house concerts with Blanco y Negro. Records new album with Jazz Explorer Trio with Lars Møller and Thor Madsen. Plays Montmartre, Copenhagen with Rosalia de Souza. Plays Paris with Line Kruse Hidden Stone Big Band.


Plays with Peter Vuust and Veronica Mortensen. Performs concerts in India with AJO, Abhijit Banarjee, Kala Ramnath, Lars Møller, Thor Madsen and own new group Charmcatcher. Plays in Oslo with Sudeshna Bhattacharya, Abhijit Banarje and Charmcatcher. Plays with AJO and Geir Lysne. Plays and releases new CD with Magnus Thuelund Trio w. Graig Earle. Plays tour with Mike Stern Trio. Plays concerts with Blanco y Negro. Plays grand Bollywood Beats and Big Band tour and CD recording with Lars Møller, AJO and The Danish Sinfonietta. Joins and records with new group RagaJazz. Plays with Phillipe Catherine and Dado Moroni. Records CD with Charmcatcher. Releases new CD with Chris Minh Doky on Danish hymns. Plays 3rd round of Come Fly Away with Royal Danish Ballet. Plays with The Orchesta and Guillermo Klein. Joins new group Sabrang with Sudeshna Bhattacharya and Graig Earle. Plays Paris with Almaz Yebio. Plays with Adam Rapa and Odense Brass Sinfonietta. Plays with Chris Minh Doky and New Nordic Jazz, Maciej Kadziela, Helle Henning and Katrine Madsen. Plays Taipei, Taiwan with Eliane Elias Group. Plays DK and Spain with Steen Rasmussen and Josefine Cronholm. Plays with Per Vers. Plays Philadelphia USA with Sinne Eeg.


Plays with Peter Vuust, Veronica Mortensen, Svante Thureson, Hans Backenroth, DR Big Band, Steen Rasmussen Quinteto feat. Leo Minax, The Doky Brothers, The Orchestra feat. a.o. Claus Waidtloew, Tuva Semmingsen and Peter Rosendal. Concerts with Bobo Moreno, Morten Ramsboll, Ole Koch Hansen, AJO and Vellu Halkosalmi, Daniel Rolím, Gabor Bolla, Graig Earle, Nancy Harms, Katrine Madsen and Aske Drasbæk. Plays and records new CD with Magnus Thuelund trio with Graig Earle. Restarts Blanco y Negro in new line-up with Karl-Martin Almqvist, Eliel Lazo,Yasser Morejon and Abel Marcel. Plays with Jazz-Lab Time Machine in Oslo with a.o. Helge Lien and Helghe Sunde, and with AJO I Russia. Plays with Gilad Hekselman. Tours, records and releases new CD with Chris Minh Doky Trio and Peter Rosendal.


2nd trip to The Gambia to study Wolof drumming. Plays and records CD with “The Big Band”. Plays with Pierre Bousaguet, MOVE, Line Kruse and DR Big Band feat Sinne Eeg. Plays with Peter Rosendal’s new trio (with Nicolai Munch-Hansen) in Scotland. Plays with Magnus Thuelund in new trio with Graig Earle. Tours with Kurt Elling and AJO. Plays with Eliane Elias, Marc Johnson and Graham Dechter in Ukraine and Gibraltar. Plays with Jacob Christoffersen in Belgium and Holland. Tours with Steen Rasmussen Qinteto feat. Leo Minax in Denmark and France. Plays with The Doky Brothers, Chris Minh Doky Trio and Mike Stern Trio in Copenhagen. Plays with Vi ctoria Tolstoy, Svante Thuresson, Vivian Buczek and Peter Asplund in Sweden and plays Come Fly Away at the Royal Danish Ballet with Chris Minh Doky Orchestra.


Trip to The Gambia to study Wolof drumming. Tours Ecuador, Colombia and Denmark with Steen Rasmussen Quinteto feat. Leo Minax. Tours with Aaarhus Jazz Orchestra, Geir Lysne, Jon Balke and Batagraf. Plays with MOVE and Jacob Christoffersen trio. Releases new CD (12th under his own name) “Divisions” with Ronan Guilfoyle and Lars Moller. Plays with Enrico Pierranunzi Trio, and plays North Sea Jazzfestival with Eliane Elias, Joe Lovano and Randy Brecker. Plays with Ulf Wakenius, and plays Come Fly Away at the Royal Danish Ballet with Chris Minh Doky Orchestra.


Plays with own group MOVE, Jacob Christoffersen Trio, Nico Gori, Nicola Stilo, Katrine Madsen Group, Tomas Franck, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen and ToneArt Decagon Ensemble. Tours and records with Steen Rasmussen Group feat. Leo Minax. Plays with Aaarhus Jazz Orchestra Geir Lysne, Helge Norbakken and Cæcilie Nordby. Tours DK with Chris Minh Doky Trio + Strings. Plays very succesfull anniversary celebration concerts with Enrico Pierranunzi Trio at Montmartre Jazzclub, Copenhagen.


Records CD with Jonas Johansen / Ronan Guilfoyle / Lars Møller trio. Plays with Chris Minh Doky, Ulf Wakenius, Line Kruse, Katrine Madsen, LaGaylia Frazier & Jan Lundgren Trio. Plays – and releases new CD with Jacob Christoffersen Trio. Plays DK with Club Del Rincón feat. dancer Selene Muñoz. Plays – and releases new CD with own group MOVE THIS (11th CD under his own name). Plays Paris with Line Kruse and Eliel Lazo. Tours with Jomi Massage and The Orchestra. Plays Beijing, China with Katrine Madsen Group. Releases CD “Steen Rasmussen Quarteto em Sao Paulo” as well as playing DK and Spain with Steen Rasmussen groupo feat. Macia Lopes.


Tours Denmark with Donny McCaslin and Kluvers Big Band. Own group Blanco y Negro plays again. Tours Denmark and Sweden with Ulf Wakenius and Groove Factor. Plays with Chris Minh Doky. Tours Brazil with Steen Rasmussen and records CD in Sao Paulo with Marcia Lopes and Fabio Cadore. Records new CD with Jacob Christoffersen Trio. Tours China with Katrine Madsen Group, and plays in first international jazz program ever for national Chinese TV, CCTV. Own quartet MOVE plays again, and records new CD for Stunt Records. New trio with Ronan Guilfoyle and Lars Moller starts recording. Starts new duo with tuba player Kristian Tangvik.


Tours Sweden with Norrbotten Big Band, Tim Hagans, Sofia Jannok and Jonas Knutsson, Plays Edinburgh Jazz Festival with Sinne Eeg and Tommy Smith/Makoto Ozone/Chris Minh Doky. Plays with Enrico Pieranunzi Trio. Tours with Hans Ulrik/Steve Swallow/Jonas Johansen. Plays – and releases CDs – with Nikolaj Bentzon and Steffen Milling, Steen Rasmussen Group and Jens Skou Olsen’s “Summer On The Moon.” Releases new CD and tours Denmark, Sweden and Spain with Katrine Madsen. Successful debut concert with new flamenco-jazz project “Club Del Rincon” in Copenhagen


Records CD with Vince Mendoza and Danish Radio Big Band. Tours Scandinavia with Ulf Wakenius and Groove Factor. Plays with Enrico Pieranunzi Trio. Tours Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Austria with Silvana Malta. Records and releases new CD with Kaya Bruel. Tours with Katrine Madsen. Tours Germany with Fredrik Lundin Overdrive. Joins new project with Nikolaj Bentzon and Steffen Milling.


Releases 10th CD under his own name, with Steve Swallow, Hans Ulrik, Bobo Steenson and Ulf Wakenius. Releases CD and tours with Ulf Wakenius and Groove Factor. Records and releases CDs with Torben Westergaard, Niels Praestholm, Silvana Malta and Eliveation. Releases CD with NHOP Trio “The Unforgettable NHOP Trio Live” on ACT records. Plays London with Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, tours with Jacob Christoffersen Trio, plays Rockport USA, London, Thailand, Denmark and Sweden with Katrine Madsen and tours Spain with Silvana Malta. Successful tour in Denmark with Blanco y Negro.


Records CD in Havana, Cuba with Eliel Lazo and Yasser Morejón. Tours Spain, USA, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with Katrine Madsen. Plays Denmark, Norway and Germany with Malene Mortensen. Plays Hua Hin International Jazz festival, Thailand with Ben Besiakov and Malene Mortensen. Plays in Spain with Eliane Elias. Tours with Fredrik Lundin in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Plays Denmark and Latvia with Silvana Malta. Tours Denmark, Sweden and Norway with Steve Swallow and Hans Ulrik. Tours Argentina with MOVE. Plays NHOP memorial tour in Denmark. Releases 9th album under his own name “Spoiled Child” (RMC Records).


Releases 7th CD under his own name “Tin Pan Aliens” with Steve Swallow and Hans Ulrik. Tours Denmark, Norway and Germany with NHOP trio (NHOP passes on April 19, 2005). Tours Denmark, Norway and Germany with Fredrik Lundin Overdrive. The groups latest CD “Belly Up” wins Danish Music Award’s “Jazz Album Of The Year 2005.” Plays with Maggi Olin and Ingrid Jensen in Denmark and Sweden. Records and releases CD with Jacob Christoffersen Trio “Facing The Sun.” Tours Spain, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark as well as records and releases CD with Silvana Malta, Airto Moreira and Toninho Horta. Records CD with Katrine Madsen “Supernatural Love” to be released spring 2006 on Stunt Records.


Tours Germany and Denmark with NHOP trio and Sweden with Ulf Wakenius. Tours and records CD with Fredrik Lundin Overdrive. Tours Spain with Silvana Malta Group, and Scandinavia with Move and Band Mrazem. Tours Scandinavia and records new CD with Steve Swallow and Hans Ulrik. Plays South Corea with Cris Minh Doky.


Successful tour with Band Mrazem in Denmark. Tours in a.o. Spain, Germany and Norway with “Move”. Tours in Denmark and Germany with Steve Swallow and Hans Ulrik. Project with HR Big Band and Eliane Elias in Germany, Tours Sweden and Denmark with NHOP Trio. Releases 3rd album with Move (6th album under his own name) in November 2003. Plays in Sweden with Ulf Wakenius


Tours, records and releases 4th CD under his own name (Ulrik/Swallow/ Johansen: “Trio”), together with Hans Ulrik and the American electric bass legend Steve Swallow. Releases 5th CD under his own name (Band Mrazem: “Cuts”) with Emil de Waal and Gustaf Ljunggren. Plays at Faeroe Islands with Egberto Gismonti. Tours twice in Spain with Silvana Malta Group, and in Canada with Fredrik Lundin Overdrive. Tours in Sweden with Ulf Wakenius Jazz and Hammond Explosion


Tours in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam with NHOP. Tours in Spain and Portugal with own group “Move”. Plays two European tours with Eliane Elias trio with the American bassist Marc Johnson. Joins Fredrik Lundin’s new band Overdrive. The CD “Band Mrazem” is nominated for a Danish Music Award in the category “Jazz surprise of the year”


Tours with own band “Move” in Spain. The CD “Please Move Jonas Johansen” receives Grammy nomination in Denmark, in the category “Jazz Album of the year”. The CD makes 3rd place in Danish jazz magazine “Jazz Specials readers poll. Danish TV makes feature program about the group. Releases 3rd CD under his own name “Band Mrazem” co-lead with drummer colleague Emil de Waal.


Releases 2nd CD under his own name (“Please Move Jonas Johansen”).


Joins Silvana Malta Group and tours with Toninho Horta.

1996 - 2005

Permanent member of the NHOP trio with Ulf Wakenius.


Releases first CD under his own name (“Move”).


Begins playing with NHØP.


Starts own group Move.


Receives the Ben Webster Prize.

1990 - 1999

Member of The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra.

1989 - 1996

Member of Nikolaj Bentzon Trio.

1988 - 1995

Member of Istanbul Express (Turkish “World” music).

1987 - 2000

Plays with Emborg/Larsen Group and Jorgen Emborg Group.


Member of Per Carsten Group (fusion), Mona Larsen Band (rock) and Shot Of Soul (soul).

1982 - 1986

Member of Debbie Cameron Group (funk).

1981 - 1984

Member of Ole Kuhl’s group Dawn (Miles Davis fusion).

In general

Becomes, from around 1987, the most sought-after younger drummer on the Danish jazz scene (the generation after Alex Riel). This leads to extensive touring, which apart from Denmark includes Scandinavia, Europe (including Poland and Czechoslovakia), Croatia, Russia & the Baltic countries, China, Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, North – and South America and Canada. Plays on more than 170 CDs. The internationally best selling CD is NHOP’s “Friends Forever” with Renee Rosnes, which is released on both Keystone (Japan) and Milestone (USA & Europe). (Please see discography).

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